Student Employment

The Ultimate Student Experience!

Land a job before you even get to campus this fall!
Make new friends.
Shift meals and meal Discounts.
Maybe even get a start on your career.

Campus Dining Services offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to work on campus while they attend school. Students can gain valuable work experience and be a part of a great team when they join us, all while earning a paycheck.

Roles are available across campus in most of our dining locations. Jobs include service roles in our dining and catering services, production roles in our kitchens and even roles as student workers.

To see current opportunities and job descriptions click HERE.

See below to hear from a couple of our student employees about their experiences:

Flexible Schedules

Preparing for the future

Hear from former Employees who are now leaders at Sodexo


We even hire Student Interns! Looking for information on Internships? Click HERE to learn more and apply. Hear from some of our Interns about their experiences:

VIP Catering Team

If you are looking for a flexible side-hustle, you may want to consider joining our VIP catering team. The VIP Catering Team is made up exclusively of Student Employees and is a team designed to supplement and enhance our already amazing catering team.

Throughout the year and all over campus, Dining Services hosts special events that require attentive, professional and personalize service. Joining our VIP Catering Team is a great way to get specialized event service training and learn new skills while serving guests at a variety of events. From important breakfast meetings to VIP dinner receptions, YOU will bring the face of Campus to life for our guests.

Bring your can-do attitude and great personality if you want to join us - no experience necessary!

For more information or to apply please contact us.

Student Manager

The purpose of the Student Manager Program is to develop qualified managers from among our student employees. It is designed to give students who are currently working with Sodexo a chance to move into supervisory roles and gain valuable experience that can help them throughout their careers, even possibly with Sodexo!

Some of the basic responsibilities of a Student Manager may include:
  • Assisting the management team as directed and according to unit needs.
  • Hiring, training, evaluating and supervision of student employees.
  • Controlling student labor costs.
  • Ensuring compliance with Sodexo and account operating standards and procedures
Some of the duties for the Student Manager my include:
  • Supervising part-time student employees, including but not limited to:
  • Dress code
  • Performance and public relations
  • Student application procedures (W-4 and I-9 forms, safety forms, uniforms, etc.)
  • Fill staffing tables and all open shifts
  • Maintain high standards in food presentation and presentation areas
  • Being a liaison between customer and management. Relaying information of various natures to the appropriate management team.
  • Managing and monitoring staffing and labor. Ensuring proper substitution procedures are in place and followed.
  • Assisting in the management of all service items and china/silver to assure adequate quantities are available to our customers throughout the meal.
  • Maintaining Health and Safety procedures throughout the meal.
  • Monitoring and maintaining sanitation and housekeeping procedures from meal to meal.
  • Management of safety procedures, including documenting and reporting all incidents/accidents.
  • Assisting management in all phases of operation including resident dining, retail, and catering as needed.
  • Understanding the basic operation of equipment and training employees in its use.
  • Understanding all cash handling procedures.
  • Planning, organizing, and executing ongoing student employee training sessions.
  • Assisting in-unit opening and closedown periods, including set-up and clean up.
Of course, this work also comes with some great perks including shift meals, preferred scheduling and could end up being the start of a great Sodexo career. Interested? Want to know more?
To apply, please contact Our General Manager with a short letter explaining why you would like to be a Student Manager and copy of your current resume.